Engaging Patients: Don't Just Educate ... Activate!

Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm
FringeArts Theatre 140 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd (at Race Street) (enter by LaPeg Restaurant), Philadelphia, PA 19106

As medicine advances, so does the complexity of tests, treatments, and the clinical (and payment) ecosystem that patients are expected to navigate.  Due to healthcare consumers' widely ranging health literacy, access to care and related data, and attitudes toward self-management, healthcare providers often struggle with "non-compliant" patients.  The result is worse outcomes and avoidable costs – to the tune of $2000 per patient. 

Early efforts at improving compliance have focused on supplementing brief, transactional advice with educational material and “teach back” methods. Research has shown, however, that a patient’s activation – or readiness to adhere to provider recommendations and engage in self-care -- is dependent on complex factors such as their orientation, beliefs, confidence, knowledge, and skills.

Progressive providers, plans, and solution vendors are focused on meeting patients where they are by designing and deploying innovative care management models that leverage data and technology to go beyond “filling the pail” with knowledge to “lighting the fire” on the path to self-care. 

The Philadelphia Health IT Circle is pleased to have two healthcare leaders in our community to discuss this topic:

  • Kathleen Hill - Nurse Practitioner at Tandigm Health
  • Martin Lupinetti - Executive Director of HealthShare Exchange

Also featured in this PHIT Circle event will be the “HSX MarketStreet Demo Station

  • Details on the HSX MarketStreet two-sided platform
  • Technical demo of multiple MarketStreet Partner Solutions (Trekit, MPower, MAARs etc.)

For more information visit https://www.hsxmarketstreet.com/about

See this in action and join us for a thought-provoking discussion!
PHIT Circle Leadership Team