Differentiating Signal from Noise - Data Challenges in Population Health

Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Jefferson Alumni Hall, Eakins Lounge, 1020 Locust St, Philadelphia

Extracting and applying actionable insight from data is essential to improving the health of populations (i.e., Population Health). In fact, an ever-increasing number of Accountable Care Organizations and other groups operating under shared risk arrangements depend on such insights to drive clinical and financial success.  Health IT solutions to date have targeted the capture, sharing, and analysis of data at various levels of aggregation, through applications such as the electronic health record, health information exchanges and a variety of other clinical, administrative, and financial systems. While the capture and real-time exchange of data is improving, we still do not yet have complete, high-quality health data sets for individuals and populations that enable the kind of insights that could impact clinical decisions at the point of care.  As a result, we continue to experience lower quality of care and higher costs at the patient level, and have yet to realize the returns on investment promised at the aggregate through a myriad of Population Health programs that have been implemented over the past few years.


Now is the time to pause, reflect on our true objectives, and try to construct a new model for how data is collected, shared and analyzed that can truly deliver on the promise of Population Health.  Our panel of experts will offer their diverse perspectives on the current state of data use – and suggest future scenarios or use cases that may help clinicians, administrators, and policy makers differentiate the “signal” from the “noise”.


Don’t miss this thought provoking discussion on Population Health, hosted by the first college of its kind in the country!

Moderator:  Drew Harris, DPM, MPH – Program Director, Population Health and Health Policy, Jefferson University 

(additional speakers TBD)